Flling points LPG

LPG filling valves are available in different designs. One of the most commonly used LPG filling points is the so-called mini filling point, which is usually mounted behind the fuel filler flap next to the petrol filling point. An LPG adapter is also required for refuelling with autogas, as the LPG filling point only has an M10 - M16 internal thread, depending on the version.

HK flatfilling valves are often attached to the bodywork of camper propane tanks, campers and motorhomes to enable refuelling of permanently installed refillable gas bottles, gas cylinders and gas tanks. HK flat LPG filling valves have a W21.8x1/14" internal thread and also require an LPG adapter for refuelling. This design is often referred to as an "external filling valve" in the CamperGas segment.

LPG filling points for direct refuelling at the filling station without an LPG adapter are available in the form of DISH LPG filling valves, complete LPG filling valve sets, so-called built-in pots, with direct ACME, Euronozzle, DISH and bayonet tank connection.

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