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Which LPG gas system manufacturers are there?

 Alternative Fuels News  2024/05/24 09:15 am  297 Views 

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Which LPG gas system manufacturers are there?

LPG conversion & CNG kits

Landi Renzo LPG conversion kits

Landi Renzo is one of the world's largest LPG conversion & CNG kits manufacturers. The Landi Renzo EVO LPG kit is available for vehicles up to 4 cylinders. It is supplied with the Landi Renzo EVO control unit, ECO-EVO injectors and the Landi Renzo reducer Li02. The Landi Renzo Omegas LPG conversion kit is now available as OMEGAS 4.0 and covers a wide range of LPG cars. It is available for all vehicles with conventional intake manifold injection up to 8 cylinders. The OMEGAS is supplied with Landi Renzo GIRS12 injectors and the LI10 Landi Renzo reducer. The OMEGAS Direct was developed for vehicles with direct petrol injection. The Landi Renzo control unit has been specially developed to meet the high requirements of direct petrol injection engines. It is optionally supplied with Landi Renzo injectors from the MED injector GI25 series or the new GIRS12 injectors. Depending on requirements, the system is assembled with Landi Renzo reducers Li10 or Li12.

Prins LPG conversion kits

Prins gas systems are among the most popular LPG kits in Germany and Western Europe. The Prins VSI 2.0 LPG conversion kit is used in vehicles with traditional multipoint injection. The Prins VSI 2.0 DI and Prins VSI 3.0 DI were developed for vehicles with direct petrol injection. Each Prins LPG system consists of the Prins control unit with wiring harness, Prins reducer, switch, Prins injectors or Keihin injectors and the Prins filter.

BRC LPG conversion kits

The BRC LPG kit is manufactured in Italy by the company MTM and is one of the best-known LPG kits worldwide. For LPG cars with normal intake manifold injection, BRC offers the BRC ALBA for 4-cylinder vehicles as an entry-level version with BRC control unit, Genius BRC reducer and GP13 LPG injectors. Alternatively, there is the BRC Sequent 32 LPG conversion kit, which is offered with the higher quality BRC IN03 injectors. For vehicles from 5 to 8 cylinders, BRC offers the Plug & Drive LPG conversion kit.

Lovato LPG conversion kits

The traditional Italian brand Lovato is now part of the global Landi Renzo Group. The founder of Lovato was the developer of the first LPG multivalves. For many years, Lovato LPG kits were installed as OEM LPG systems in new Hyundai and Kia vehicles. In addition to the well-known Lovato Easy Fast for vehicles up to 8 cylinders, Lovato offers a variety of other LPG kits with the Lovato E-Go & Smart series for 4-cylinder vehicles and the Lovato Venturi LPG kit.

KME LPG conversion kits

The Polish manufacturer KME is best known for its KME Diego and KME Diego G3 LPG kits. The KME control unit and the KME reducer are manufactured directly by KME. For the LPG injectors, KME relies on a large number of manufacturers. Over the years, the KME LPG kit has been supplied with Valtek Type 30 injectors, Magic Jet or Magic FX, RAIL IG3 Horizon, Matrix and Hana LPG injectors. The Hana LPG injectors in particular brought the KME LPG kit to a consistently high and reliable level of performance. With the successor to the KME LPG kit, the KME NEVO, the electronics have been completely redeveloped, although tried and tested components such as LPG reducers and LPG injectors have remained the same.

OMVL LPG conversion kits

The Italian OMVL LPG conversion kit is offered under the OMVL Dream On series for vehicles up to 8 cylinders. The LPG kit consists of OMVL control unit, Gemini or Valtek T32 LPG injectors and CPR or Palladio LPG reducer.

AEB LPG conversion kits

AEB is an Italian gas kit manufacturer specialising in the production of control units and sensors for LPG conversion & CNG kits. AEB is part of the Landi Renzo Group. AEB LPG conversion & CNG kits are often offered as LPG & CNG minikits, i.e. without injectors and reducers. Depending on the vehicle-specific requirements, the converter is free to choose the LPG injectors and the LPG reducer. With the AEB MP32 and MP48 series, AEB offers an LPG conversion kit for vehicles up to 4 cylinders. The AEB MP6C, AEB2568 or AEB2010 LPG conversion kits can be used for vehicles with up to 6, 8 or 10 cylinders. With the AEB DI60 LPG system, there is a solution for converting vehicles with direct petrol injection up to 4 cylinders and with the AEB DI108 for vehicles up to 8 cylinders.

STAG LPG conversion kits

The STAG LPG kit is manufactured by the Polish manufacturer AC. The successor to the well-known STAG300 LP G conversion kit, the latest STAG Q generation covers vehicles up to 8 cylinders for LPG conversions. The STAG Q generation is often offered in combination with Hana LPG injectors and Zavoli ZETA N or ZETA S reducers. The Stag 400 DPI was developed for the LPG conversion of vehicles with direct petrol injection. It covers the vehicle range up to 8 cylinders. With the STAG Diesel, AC is one of the few manufacturers to offer an LPG retrofit system for diesel vehicles. The STAG Diesel LPG kit is available for vehicles up to 4 cylinders and is supplied with AC's own LPG injectors AC W02 and LPG reducer AC R01.

Zavoli LPG conversion kits

Zavoli LPG kits are manufactured in Italy by Westport Fuel Systems Italia S.r.l.. The predecessor model, the Zavoli ALISEI LPG system, is still offered for vehicles with direct petrol injection - the Zavoli ALISEI DIRECT. Its successor, the Zavoli BORA LPG conversion kit, is available for vehicles with intake manifold injection and direct petrol injection. Both LPG kits are available as LPG conversion & CNG kits. The Zavoli BORA LPG conversion kit is offered with Zavoli PANJET injectors and Zavoli ZETA N & ZETA S reducers. The Zavoli BORA DIRECT LPG conversion kit for direct injection engines is supplied with BRC IN03 injectors and also includes the aforementioned Zavoli reducers from the ZETA series.