BRC LPG conversion kits of the ALBA and Sequent 32 series are available for vehicles up to 4 cyl. The difference between ALBA and Sequent 24 gas kits lies in the LPG injectors. The BRC ALBA is supplied as standard with BRC GP13 injectors, a more economical variant, while the Sequent 32 uses the tried and tested IN03 BRC injectors.

For vehicles from 5 to 8 cylinders, there is the BRC Plug & Drive LPG conversion kit. All Plug & Drive systems are supplied with IN03 injectors only.

All BRC LPG kits are supplied with the proven BRC reducers of the GeniusMB 800mbar, GeniusMB 1200mbar, GeniusMB 1500mbar and Genius MAX/ G-MAX series. The choice of the right LPG reducer depends on the KW output and the vehicle-specific requirements.

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