V-LUBE Valve Saver - 1 L
V-LUBE Valve Saver - 1 L

V-LUBE Valve Saver - 1 L

Article no.: 100930
Manufacturer: V-LUBE

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Reliable valve protection for LPG / CNG powered engines.

Unlike conventional lead-substitutes additives and their wide range of applications, V-LUBE LPG VALVE SAVER has been specially developed for the requirements of gas-powered vehicles. In contrast to gasoline-powered engines, gas is introduced "dry" into the combustion chamber in most cases. This way, the protective function of additives contained in the gasoline is not given. This leads to a greater stress on the valves and valve seats.

V-LUBE LPG VALVE SAVER optimally meets the specific problems that arise when operating with natural gas or LPG and offers reliable protection at low cost.

  • Protects valves and valve seats against increased stress during gas operation
  • Provides optimal protection for a small price
  • It was specially developed for gas powered engines
  • Compatible with the dosing systems available on the market
  • TÜV - controlled quality
  • Effectiveness confirmed by several independent studies


Data sheet

Efficacy and tolerability studies using the V-LUBE Valve Saver

Wear monitoring on the Peugeot 107 with V-LUBE VS

Comparison of wear rates with and without additive

Wear analysis on a Toyota Corolla Verso and review of the V-LUBE Valve Saver Kit (over 100,000km)

Catalyst testing