Truma LPG gas filter set 2 pcs G.36 (M20x1,5)
Truma LPG gas filter set 2 pcs G.36 (M20x1,5)

Truma LPG gas filter set 2 pcs G.36 (M20x1,5)

Article no.: 112005
Manufacturer: TRUMA

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Truma LPG gas filter for installation between the high-pressure gas hose and the gas pressure regulator in the camper or caravan. The Truma gas filter protects the gas system against oiling.

The Truma gas filter effectively protects the gas system from contamination:

Oily particles are carried along with the gas flow as aerosols, depositing themselves in the regulators and blocking them. The Truma gas filter filters these residues from the gas onto a filter pad at the bottom of the filter bowl.

The filter pad is then simply replaced during cylinder replacement. The gas filter ensures that the gas system and all gas-operated appliances will have a long service life.

Effective: Filters up to 99.9% of aerosols and protects the gas system and all gas appliances.

Combined: Use the filter together with the pads for longer and save money.

Practical: Can be opened quickly without tools to check / replace cartridges or pads.

Safe: Can be opened only when the gas cylinder is closed.

Compact: Fits into every gas cylinder box.

Simple: Easy to retrofit, suitable for all wall or ceiling-mounted Truma gas pressure regulators.

How do I change the filter pad on the Truma gas filter?

The latest generation of Truma gas filters with black housing includes an oil trap, which filters out the oil particles, which are carried along with the gas flow as aerosols.The oil particles move down to the oil trap and are absorbed by a special filter pad. This pad must be changed on the black Truma gas filter each time the gas cylinder is replaced. The oil trap element only then needs to be replaced if it has been mechanically damaged.

Gas type LPG Propane/butane

Operating pressure 0.3 to 16 bar

Filter inlet Male thread M20x1,5 (G.36)

Filter outlet Union nut M20x1,5 (G.36)

Dimensions approx. 67 x 81 x 54 mm (H x W x D)

Weight (incl. filter pad) 370 g