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Truma is the innovative system supplier for motor homes and caravans. The long-established brand offers “more comfort on the move”. Many people and companies around the world trust Truma day after day.

It all started in 1949 with a gas lamp, which the company founder Philipp Kreis assembled himself in his living room. These days, Truma is a system supplier of heaters, air conditioning systems, hot water generators, manoeuvring assistants, coolers and gas supply in the caravan. With the Truma iNet X System, digital networking is also increasingly finding its way into everyday camping – and the search for innovative ideas continues every day.

As an official Truma distributor, we supply you with all installation and spare parts reliably from one source.

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Truma heaters for caravans and motorhomes

Thanks to decades of experience, Truma is a specialist in camping heaters for caravans, motorhomes and vans.

The legendary Truma S heaters have always set standards in terms of safety and comfort. Simply switch on and your caravan will be cosily warm - even without electricity.

The VarioHeat is a particularly compact heater for caravans, motor homes and panel vans. It can be flexibly installed in different positions - upright or lying down - and is suitable both as the main heater in panel vans and as an additional heater in larger vehicles.

The Combi gas heaters are the proven classics in the product portfolio and ideal for motorhomes, panel vans or caravans. Truma also offers the Combi as a hybrid version, which also has two electric heating elements. Depending on your needs, you can heat with gas or in combination with the heating elements in mixed mode. All Combi heaters can produce hot water at the same time or independently of the heating mode.

The Combi diesel heaters are supplied via the diesel tank. They are ideal for diesel-powered motorhomes and panel vans. The E variants have additional electric heating elements that can be used independently or in combination with diesel in mixed operation. The Combi diesel heater heats both your vehicle and your water.

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Truma Warm water systems

With the Truma water heater, washing your hands, brushing your teeth and even showering in the caravan become a matter of course.

Short warm-up times, space-saving design, effective insulation - all Truma water systems impress with their well thought-out product features.

You can choose between 3 different boilers with 5, 10 or 14 litres of water capacity.

Operation is possible with either gas or electricity, as well as in a hybrid version. 

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Truma Gas

From gas pressure regulators to level indicators for gas cylinders: Truma products for gas supply are safe and innovative.

With the innovative Truma systems for the gas system in the motor home and caravan, you always have the feeling of being at home. The products ensure comfort and safety - even while driving thanks to the integrated crash sensor (CS).

Such a safety shut-off is a prerequisite for operating the gas system while driving - that's what the European Heating Appliance Directive wants. However, the gas pressure regulators are just as suitable for stationary operation at the campsite.

Truma high-pressure gas hoses including hose rupture protection ensure a safe connection between the gas bottle and the gas pressure regulator. Truma offers a gas filter to prevent foreign bodies or contaminated gas from entering the system. The

Truma gas level gauge: Never empty gas bottles again

The gas level gauges from Truma determine the level of your gas bottles by ultrasound. They are easy to use, measure extremely reliably and are suitable for anyone who uses gas bottles - from campers to craftsmen.

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Truma air conditioner

Get in and feel good: Truma air conditioning systems guarantee you relaxing holidays without sweating.

Always a pleasant coolness in your caravan or motor home, even on hot days! Truma has developed the right air conditioner for every need and vehicle - both roof air conditioners and storage box air conditioners.

The Aventa roof air conditioners from Truma are installed on your caravan, van or motor home to save space. Depending on the version, they have a cooling capacity of 1700, 2200 or 2400 watts. All roof air conditioners are particularly quiet, lightweight and easy to retrofit.

Saphir storage box air conditioner: climate comfort as you wish

The Saphir storage box air conditioners from Truma are mounted in the storage space of the caravan or motor home and provide 1800 or 2400 watts of cooling power. Thanks to several cold air distributors, the interior is cooled flexibly and quietly.

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Truma Mover

With a Truma mover, the caravan is safely navigated to its parking space with centimetre precision and without outside help.

Truma movers move the caravan independently of the towing vehicle and enable smooth starting and precise stopping. Manoeuvring is flawless even on uneven terrain and slopes of up to 25 percent.

The Mover is mounted on the vehicle frame in the immediate vicinity of the wheels and also has an integrated stop function.

A general operating permit is included with the Mover, so there is no need to present it to the TÜV.

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Truma Cooler

Camping, barbecuing, picnicking: With the Truma Coolers, the mobile refrigerator is always with you.

All Truma models cool continuously down to -22 degrees. So you decide for yourself whether you want a cool box, freezer or wine cabinet. 

Cooling or freezing? No decision is necessary with the Dual Zone models, they have two individually adjustable temperature zones. 

With the Truma Cooler BatteryPack, the compressor cooler can be operated completely self-sufficiently if there is no power connection nearby. Ideal for long trips with the camper or the next barbecue at the lake.

But that's not all

Powerful: the Truma Cooler reliably cools food down to temperatures as low as -22 degrees. And thanks to the excellent insulation, the cooling lasts for a long time.

Quiet: Even when used for long periods, the Truma Cooler runs very quietly.

Flexible: The coolers are compatible with almost all on-board and mains power sources. In addition, the Truma Cooler BatteryPack is available if there is no power connection nearby.

Robust: The stable construction makes the Cooler particularly robust - you can even sit on the box. The built-in compressor is specially designed for outdoor adventures and withstands vibrations.

Space miracle: The coolers are not only very spacious, but also have a particularly space-saving design.

Sophisticated: The Truma coolers have many helpful features, such as a USB charging connection or 2 bottle openers.

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Truma iNetX

The Truma iNet X system makes camping more comfortable, safer and more connected. In a word: smarter.

The open system solution is the future-proof and updateable successor to the iNet system. Once purchased, you always benefit from the latest developments, which are added step by step. Are you ready to equip your caravan for the future?

A central control system: control the most important devices from different manufacturers, services and services with one central control system. So you're always in full control.

Status queries at a glance: Status displays for all devices and services in real time. So you always have everything in view.

Intuitive operation: Clear and uniform user interface in the panel with colour touch display and app for intuitive operation. So you can always find your way around.

Advanced control via smartphone: Device control via your own smartphone possible with the free Truma iNet X App. So you are smartly networked.

Future-oriented: Add and use further developments through updates - even if the system has already been installed. So you always stay up to date.

Self-help: Detailed, exact error description including recommendations for independent troubleshooting instead of cryptic error codes. So you are autonomous and safe on the road.

Customisable: App interface can be individually configured. So everything corresponds to your personal wishes

With Truma iNet X, you can control your devices both via the panel installed in your motorhome and via an app on your smartphone.

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