Sika® Primer-207 black - 100ml
Sika® Primer-207 black - 100ml

Sika® Primer-207 black - 100ml

Article no.: 110070A
Manufacturer: SIKA
PU: 8

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  • Product description

Sika® Primer-207 is a solvent-based black primer that reacts with moisture to form a thin layer. This layer acts as a bonding agent between substrates and adhesives. Sika® Primer-207 is specially formulated to treat bonding surfaces prior to the application of Sika's 1-component polyurethanes. This primer can provide excellent adhesion without a prior activation step on many substrates. Sika® Primer-207 fluoresces under long wavelength UV light for a limited period of time. This feature is used for process control.