DREHMEISTER Bayonet LPG adapter M10/M12/M14
DREHMEISTER Bayonet LPG adapter M10/M12/M14

DREHMEISTER Bayonet LPG adapter M10/M12/M14

Article no.: 111516
Manufacturer: DREHMEISTER

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LPG adapter BAJONETT for Great Britain, Netherlands, Norway and Spain

LPG filling adapters with connection threads M10, M12, M14 and M16 are often used in connection with a mini refuelling, an LPG filling point mounted behind the fuel filler flap of the vehicle. The narrow connection thread of the gas adapter allows good access to the LPG filling valve and connects it securely to the LPG tank nozzle.

DREHMEISTER LPG filling adapters are made exclusively from high-quality raw materials. The high processing precision of the LPG filling adapters ensures optimum fitting accuracy, tightness and safety when refuelling LPG.

Internationally, there are four different connection systems at LPG filling stations - ACME, DISH, bayonet and Euronozzle. The LPG gas connector provides a secure connection between the LPG filling valve on the vehicle and the nozzle at the filling station.

Material : brass + stainless steel

Application :For refuelling vehicles with LPG (LPG/Autogas)

Compatible with : Tomasetto mini refuelling, OMB mini refuelling, Rotarex mini refuelling and others. w.

Additional feature : LPG Adapter has a W21.8x1/14" female thread from the bayonet side and can be used as an extension for ACME, DISH and EURONOZZLE LPG Adapters with W21.8x1/14" male thread. (Caution! Damage due to leverage on the LPG filling valve is possible.)