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Abrasives are used for a variety of applications in the automotive sector. The preparation of surfaces for subsequent painting work or for removing coatings or traces of corrosion or rust. Abrasives are also suitable for smoothing or polishing surfaces.


Sandpaper is often used for paint preparation, such as removing old paint or smoothing surfaces. It can also be used to remove rust or corrosion, as well as for processing metal or plastic surfaces.

Sandpaper on a roll

Sandpaper on a roll is versatile and can often be used for hand sanding for clamping in small hand sanding machines. It is often more economical, as the appropriate amount can be cut off depending on the application or surface to be processed.

Grinding wheels

Grinding wheels are often used for larger surfaces, e.g. when grinding car body parts or metal plates. They enable faster material removal and efficient processing of large surfaces.

Non-woven abrasive

Abrasive fleece is often used for finer surface processing, such as removing scratches, polishing or preparing surfaces for painting. It offers a gentler sanding action and leaves fewer visible marks.

Sanding pads

Sanding pads are used for precise and controlled sanding work by hand. They tend to be used for smaller surface applications.