LPG 4-hole tanks

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LPG 4-hole tanks: everything you need to know

What is an LPG 4-hole tank and how does it work?

LPG tanks are used as fuel containers for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) when converting vehicles to LPG. Autogas tanks come in different designs and shapes. LPG tanks differ essentially in the valve flange - 1-hole or 4-hole technology. In 4-hole tanks, a steel plate is welded to the tank with four small openings in the tank.

Four special valves for the 4-hole tank are inserted into the openings: the Withdrawal valve, the pressure relief valve or safety valve, the 80% fill stop valve and the gas level indicator with float.

With this so-called 4-hole technology, each valve has its own function. In the event of a technical defect, only the respective component needs to be replaced individually. As a rule, 4-hole LPG tanks are significantly more expensive than conventional LPG multivalves. The refuelling process is somewhat faster with 4-hole tanks than with multivalves, which can be a useful advantage for tanks with a large filling volume. As a rule, the 4-hole tank does not offer any significant advantages that would justify the price difference to a multivalve tank. Autogas converters often prefer the normal multivalve LPG tank as fitting the valves to the 4-hole tank is more complex.

Which LPG 4-hole tanks are available?

4-hole LPG tanks are available as a toroidal tank or round tank for installation in the vehicle wheel recess or for external underfloor installation under the vehicle and as an LPG 4-hole Cylindrical LPG tank. The cylinder tank can either be installed under the vehicle, on the loading area of a pick-up or inside the vehicle. The individual valves of the 4-hole tank are lubricated with a gas-tight fitting box. This protects the valves from mechanical damage and ensures that the LPG escapes in a controlled manner in the event of a gas leak. 4-hole LPG tanks for LPG conversion are manufactured by Stako and GZWM.