External toroidal tanks

Toroidal external LPG tank is a gas tank in the form of a ring is often installed instead of the spare wheel under the vehicle. These tanks have a so-called 0 ° external connection for the multivalve whereby the particularly well suited for mounting this type. Tanks with a connection on the outside usually have more capacity than so-called toroidal internal tanks of the same size. This is due to the fact that unlike an LPG tank with an internal connection, the center of the tank is welded shut and is also used for gas filling. For this reason, the tank is also suitable for a spare wheel well to achieve maximum possible tank volume.

Through the variety of possible tank sizes, you can always find the optimal autogas tank for each vehicle. The advantages of a toroidal external tank include a large capacity, which allows a range of 400-500km, in addition to the space-saving installation method. The LPG tanks offered by us from the manufacturers GZWM, STEP, STAKO and TUGRA MAKINA meet the highest requirements of the current ECE guidelines and are represented in most ECE R115 approvals. 

The selection of the gas tank depends on the one hand on the space conditions under the car, on the other hand on the ground clearance and possible heat sources of the vehicle. Here it is advisable to consult a specialist. The toroidal external tanks are available in the following diameters: 580mm, 600mm, 630mm, 650mm, 680mm and 720mm. The lowest height, on the other hand, is only 180mm and can also have an incredible 330mm.

For each LPG tank, a Tomasetto multivalve is offered as an option in 6mm and 8mm versions. On request, we also supply multivalves from other manufacturers such as BRC.

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