Repair kits for LPG reducers

Repair kits for LPG reducers for LPG workshops and specialist dealers: As a trader, you can buy repair kits for LPG reducers for LPG kits here. With us, you get everything from a single source: a large product range, effective logistics, plus service and training if required. Over 3000 companies worldwide trust us. So that you have the best offers for your LPG customers. More about our range of repair kits.

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Reducer leaking or defective? Here's what you can do:

Would you like to repair an LPG reducer?

Repairs and repairs to LPG reducers should only be carried out by trained personnel. Most LPG reducers can be completely repaired using a repair kit. A repair is usually cheaper than replacing the reducer with a new one.

What to do if there is no repair kit available?

In such cases, the only thing that usually helps is the installation of a new LPG reducer. The installation should be carried out by a specialist workshop, as the LPG conversion kit must then be readjusted. You can find a wide range of LPG reducers here.