One of the best known LPG CNG injectors is the Prins injector or Keihin injector, Landi Renzo injector MED, BRC injector IN03, Zavoli injector and others. In addition to the well-known brands, you will find all LPG injectors available on the market.

Injectors for LPG must be homologated according to ECE 67R.01 and for CNG according to ECE 100R. As a rule, almost all injectors are compatible and homologated for LPG & CNG. LPG injectors are available as single injectors or mounted in an injector rail.

Many LPG injectors can be removed and cleaned despite high mileage without the need for replacement. How LPG & CNG injectors are cleaned depends on the type and degree of contamination. Some injectors can be completely freed from dirt by using an ultrasonic device and adding a special injector cleaning agent. Other LPG injectors must be completely disassembled and overhauled using a injector repair kit.

Some injector manufacturers require their injectors to be serviced at regular intervals of 60,000 - 100,000km as a matter of principle. The gas injector cleaning and repair should always be carried out by a qualified specialist company, as adjustments to the control unit of the gas system may subsequently be necessary. Finally, the LPG injectors now run with an improved flow because they have been cleaned of the dirt.

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