Multivalves 67R-00

Multivalves with ECE 67R-00 standard are no longer approved in most European countries. These LPG valves do not have a solenoid coil to control the multivalve electronically. The multivalve must be opened and closed mechanically by hand.

Which multivalve fits the LPG tank, can be derived from the product designation of the multivalve. The height or diameter, abbreviated by "H." or "D." is given in millimeters and is based on the height or diameter of the LPG tank. A degree number e.g. "30°" indicates the installation angle of the LPG valve. The additional 6mm or 8mm indicates the diameter of the gas line from the multivalve to the LPG reducer.

In countries that still accept the old ECE 67R00 standard, the following models are particularly popular:

Tomasetto AT00 Multivalve, Tomasetto AT00 Sprint Multivalve, Lovato Multivalve 318

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