Internal toroidal tanks

As a toroidal internal LPG tank is an LPG gas tank that is installed instead of the spare wheel. Due to the variety of possible tank sizes, you can always find the optimal autogas tank for each spare wheel well. The advantage of toroidal internal tanks is that they can be installed in a space-saving way and have a large capacity, which allows a range of 400-500km. The LPG tanks offered by us of the manufacturers GZWM, STEP, STAKO and TUGRA MAKINA correspond to the highest requirements of the valid ECE guidelines and are represented in most ECE R115 permission. 

The selection of the gas tank depends on the one hand on the diameter, on the other hand on the depth of the wheel well in the vehicle. While one can be relatively flexible with the height of the tank, the diameter of the wheel well should be carefully measured. The toroidal internal tanks are available in the following diameters: 520mm, 550mm, 570mm, 580mm, 600mm, 630mm, 650mm, 680mm and 720mm. The lowest height, on the other hand, is only 180mm and can have a maximum of 300mm.

For each LPG tank, a Tomasetto multivalve is offered as an option in 6mm and 8mm versions. On request, we also supply multivalves from other manufacturers such as BRC.

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