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Are you looking for a reliable supplier of LPG tanks and accessories? HybridSupply is one of the leading wholesalers in this field and offers a wide range of LPG gas tanks of all shapes and sizes.

Whether you are looking for toroidal internal tanks, external toroidal tanks or cylindrical tanks, we offer high availability from current production of leading autogas tank manufacturers like STAKO, GZWM , STEP and TUGRA MAKINA.

While toroidal internal tanks top the list of best-selling LPG gas tanks, underfloor tanks are an ideal solution for pick-ups and reach a volume of up to 122L. Alternatively, a cylindrical gas tank on the loading area is also an option. Either to preserve the existing spare wheel or as an additional tank for vehicles with higher fuel consumption.

Of course, corresponding tank valves can also be ordered if required. With LPG valves, a distinction is made between multivalve and so-called 4-hole technology.

lpg multivalves

Multivalves are used for 1-hole LPG tanks and are very popular in countries such as Poland or Italy. In Germany, both types of tank are used, with 1-hole tanks having a higher market share here than 4-hole tanks. 4-hole LPG gas tanks are very popular in countries such as the Netherlands or Belgium, where they dominate the market for LPG gas tanks.

We represent all leading manufacturers of multivalves and valves of 4-hole technology. These are for example such producers as Tomasetto, BRC, OMB Saleri, Valtek, Landi Renzo or SRG Rotarex. Tomasetto LPG multivalves are the most common worldwide. BRC multivalves are often found on vehicles with gas systems of the same name. SRG Rotarex and Landi Renzo, on the other hand, specialise in OEM conversions and dominate in this field.

In our wholesale shop, you can also get matching LPG filling valves, filling hoses and LPG filling adapters for your LPG tank on request.