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LPG conversion & CNG kits for cars

Landi Renzo LPG conversion & CNG kits

Landi Renzo is one of the largest LPG conversion & CNG kits manufacturers in the world. TheLandi Renzo EVO LPG kit is available for vehicles up to 4 cylinders. It comes with theLandi Renzo EVO control unit,ECO-EVO injectors theLandi Renzo Li02 reducer. TheLandi Renzo Omegas LPG conversion kit is now available as OMEGAS 4.0 and covers a widerange of LPG cars. It is available for all cars with conventional manifold injection up to 8 cylinders. The OMEGAS is delivered withLandi Renzo GIRS12 injectors and theLI10 Landi Renzo reducer. For vehicles with gasolinedirect injection, the OMEGAS Direct has been developed. TheLandi Renzo control unit has been specially developed to meet the high demands of directgasoline injection. It is delivered optionally still with Landi Renzo injectors of the seriesMED injector GI25 or the new GIRS12 injectors. Depending on therequirements, the system is assembled with Landi Renzo reducer Li10 or Li12.

Prins LPG conversion & CNG kits

Prins gas conversion kits are among the most popular LPG conversion kits in Germany and Western Europe. ThePrins LPG conversion kit VSI 2.0 is used for vehicles with traditional multipoint injection.The Prins VSI 2.0 DI is designed for vehicles with gasoline direct injection.
EachPrins LPG system consists of the Prins control unit with wiring harness,Prins reducer,changeover switch,Prins injectors or Keihin injectors and thePrins filter.

BRC LPG conversion & CNG kits

The BRC gas conversion kit is manufactured in Italy by MTM and is one of the most popular LPG kits worldwide. For LPG cars with normal manifold injection BRC offers for 4 cylinder vehicles theBRC ALBA as an entry level version withBRC control unit,Genius BRC reducer andGP13 LPG injectors. As an alternative there is theBRC Sequent 32 LPG conversion kit which is offered with the higherquality BRC IN03 injectors. For vehicles from 5 to 8 cylindersBRC offers the Plug & Drive LPG conversion kit.

Lovato LPG conversion & CNG kits

The traditional Italian brand Lovato is now part of the worldwide Landi Renzo Group. The Lovato founder was the developer of the firstLPG multivalve. Lovato LPG kits were installed for many yearsas OEM LPG systems in new Hyundai and Kia vehicles. In addition to the well-knownLovato Easy Fast for vehicles up to 8 cylinders, Lovato offers a wide range of other LPGconversion kits with the Lovato E-Go & Smart series for 4-cylinder vehicles and theLovato Venturi LPG kit.

KME LPG conversion & CNG kits

The Polish manufacturer KME is best known for its LPG kit KME Diego or KME Diego G3. TheKME control unit and theKME reducer are manufactured directly by KME. For LPG injectors, KMErelies on a wide range of manufacturers. Over the years, the KME LPG kit has been supplied withValtek Type 30 injectors,Magic Jet orMagic FX,RAIL IG3 Horizon, Matrix andHana LPG injectors. The Hana LPG injectors in particular brought the KME LPG kit to aconsistently high and reliable performance level. With the successor of the KME LPG conversion kit, theKME NEVO, the electronics have been completely redesigned, while proven components such as LPGreducers and LPG injectors have remained the same.

OMVL LPG conversion & CNG kits

The Italian OMVL LPG conversion kit is offered under the OMVL Dream On series for vehicles upto 8 cylinders. The LPG kit consists of OMVL control unit, Gemini orValtek T32 LPG injectors and CPR or Palladio LPG reducer.

AEB LPG conversion & CNG kits

AEB is an Italian gas equipment manufacturer specialized in the production of control units and sensors for LPG & CNG conversion kits. The company AEB belongs to the Landi Renzo group.
AEB gas conversion kits are often offered as LPG & CNG mini kits, i.e. without injectors and reducers. Depending on vehicle-specific requirements, the converter is free to choose the LPGinjectors and the LPG reducer.
AEB offers with theAEB MP32 and MP48 series a LPG conversion kit for vehicles up to 4cylinders. The AEB MP6C, AEB2568 or AEB2010 LPG conversion kit can be used for vehicles up to 6, 8or 10 cylinders.
With the AEB DI60 LPG system there is asolution for the conversion of vehicles with gasoline direct injection up to 4 cylinders and with theAEB DI108 for vehicles up to 8 cylinders.

STAG LPG conversion & CNG kits

The STAG LPG kit is manufactured by the Polish manufacturer AC. The successor of the well-known STAG300 gas system, the latestSTAG Q generation covers vehicles up to 8 cylinders in LPG conversion. Oftenthe STAG Q generation is offered in combination with Hana LPG injectors and Zavoli reducersZETA N orZETA S.
Stag 400 DPIis designed for LPG conversion of vehicles with gasoline direct injection. It covers the vehicle range up to 8 cylinders. With theSTAG Diesel, AC is one of the few manufacturers to offer an LPG retrofit system for dieselvehicles. The STAG Diesel LPG conversion kit is available for vehicles up to 4 cylinders and comes with AC's own LPG injectorsAC W02 and LPG reducerAC R01.

Zavoli LPG conversion kits & CNG kits

Zavoli LPG kits are manufactured in Italy by Westport Fuel Systems Italia S.r.l.. The predecessor model the Zavoli ALISEI LPG system is still offered for vehicles with gasoline directinjection - the Zavoli ALISEI DIRECT. The successor, the Zavoli BORA LPG conversion kit is available for vehicles with intake manifold injection and gasoline direct injection. Both gas systemsare available as LPG system and CNG system. The Zavoli BORA LPG conversion kit is offered withZavoli PANJET injectors and ZavoliZETA N &ZETA S reducers. The Zavoli BORADIRECT gas conversion kit for direct injection engines is supplied withBRC injectors IN03 and also includes the above mentioned Zavoli reducers ZETA series.

LPG & CNG parts

Accessories and spare parts for LPG conversion and cars converted to CNG natural gas can be found in the category LPG & CNG parts.

LPG reducer

The LPG reducer of an LPG system converts the liquid LPG fuel into gaseousform by heating and supplies it to the LPG injectors at the required pressure. We offer a widerange of reducers. In addition to well-known reducers such as Prins, BRC, Landi Renzo and Tomasetto reducer, you can also get uncommon models such as Tartarini and Frontgas reducer directlyfrom stock.

LPG reducers are often provided with a KW power rating, which refers to the maximum engine power of the vehicle to be converted. The choice of reducer should be adapted to the vehicle-specificrequirements to ensure clean operation of the LPG system.

LPG pressure regulator

LPG pressure regulators are mainly found in gas systems with liquid gas injection. Among the most popular LPG systems with LPI technology areICOM LPG &Vialle LPG kits.

LPG Injectors & CNG Injectors

Injectors are one of the most important gas parts of an LPG & CNG gas system, along with the control unit and reducer / pressure regulator. The LPG injector must work precisely and reliably inall performance ranges to ensure the clean operation of an LPG system.
LPG injectors such as theTeleflex/GFI injector or for Zavoli LPG systems theZavoli injector PanJet occur as single injector. Prins/Keihin injectors, Landi Renzoinjectors and BRC IN03 injectors, on the other hand are only available as a complete injector rail.

Landi Renzo gas systems are partly delivered with the predecessor model theMED injector or the newGIRS12 injectors. Prins gas systems are only available with the newKeihin KN9 injectors. The predecessor theKeihin KN8 injectors we offer only as spare parts.

Each LPG/CNG injector is designed for a specific, optimum performance range. Usually the power range of the injector is given in KW and refers to the engine power of the vehicle per cylinderin KW. In order to cover all power ranges, some manufacturers produce several injector versions with different power parameters, whereas others rely on mechanical regulation byinjector nozzles. Injector nozzles for LPG injectors are available, for example, forLovato injectors, Valtek orHana injectors. The injector nozzle is available pre-drilled with different flowdiameters or for re-drilling with a standard diameter. In this way, the flow rate of the LPG fuel can be adapted to the vehicle-specific requirements.

LPG Adapter & LPG gas connector

LPG adapters or LPG gas connector are used for refueling LPG cars with LPG fuel. The LPGAdapter is used as a connecting piece between the LPG filling point and the nozzleat the autogas filling station.

In order to choose the right LPG Adapter, it is necessary to find out which connection thread the installed LPG filling valve has. In many cases, the filling valve is not produced by the LPGconversion kit manufacturer itself, but by other LPG parts manufacturers. Filling valve manufacturers includeTomasetto Achille, BRC, Lovato, ICOM andSRG Rotarex. They manufacture filling valves with M10-M16 orW21.8x1/14" connection thread. Across manufacturers, M10x1 is the most common connection thread for LPG filling valves.

In addition to various manufacturers of LPG filling valves, there are four different LPG filling systems at LPG filling stations throughout Europe - ACME, DISH, bayonet and Euronozzle. You canfind an overview of LPG filling adapters and LPG gas connectors throughout Europe here!

One of the leading, established manufacturers of premium LPG Adapters is the Drehmeister brand. The DrehmeisterLPG filling adapter sets include all LPG filling adapters you need forsafe LPG refueling throughout Europe. All Drehmeister LPG Adapters are made of high quality brass. Exceptions are LPG gas connectors with hardened stainless steel connection thread.

ACME LPG Adapters are mainly used in Germany, Belgium, Ireland andLuxembourg.

DISH LPG Adapters can be used in Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, France,Greece, Croatia, filo, Poland, Turkey and other countries. A complete overview of LPG Adapters and autogas tank systems throughout Europe can be found here!

The Bayonet LPG Adapter is used in the UK, Netherlands, Norway andSpain, with Euronozzle LPG Adapters also used in Spain andPortugal.