Votronic Battery main switch, switch unit 40 A 12/ 24 V
Votronic Battery main switch, switch unit 40 A 12/ 24 V

Votronic Battery main switch, switch unit 40 A 12/ 24 V

Article no.: 108761A
Manufacturer: Votronic

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The VOTRONIC switch units operate on the basis of a bistable power relay. Their own consumption is extremely low. They are particularly suitable as a remote-controlled main switch or as a load relay that is to remain switched on for a long time.

The switch units can be remotely controlled by a simple switch (1-pole ON / OFF).

In addition, the loads can also be switched on or off manually at the relay via an EMERGENCY switch.

The range of application extends from motor homes and boats to emergency vehicles:

  • Easy control via simple ON / OFF switch
  • High switching currents, can be overloaded for a short time
  • Can be used as a main battery switch by means of a simple ON / OFF switch (remote-controlled)
  • Switching status display visible from the outside
  • Electronic delay prevents too fast reaction, e.g. voltage dips, switching on of strong consumers
  • Suitable for continuous operation (very low power consumption / complies with EN13976).
  • No internal power consumption when switched off via an external switch (remote control)
  • Automatic switch-off at undervoltage 8.5 V (minimum operating voltage of the switch unit)

Operating Voltage: 12 V and 24 V

Switching & Load Current cont.: 40 A

Load current short: 60 A (1 sec.)

Own consumption Idle/On: 0 / <3 mA

Cable connections: 2.5 - 10 mm²

Weight: 97 g

Mark of Conformity: CE, E Test (EMV/Automotive Regulations)

Delivery scope: Operating Manual