Votronic circuit distributor, D+ simulator
Votronic circuit distributor, D+ simulator

Votronic circuit distributor, D+ simulator

Article no.: 108751
Manufacturer: Votronic

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If additional consumers are only to be switched on when the engine is running (the dynamo supplies current) or if the on-board battery is to be optimally charged via a charging converter while driving, then the D+ contact of the dynamo is usually used for control.

Often, however, this contact is not accessible in the vehicle or, in the case of newer dynamos, is no longer available at all. It generates a voltage-controlled signal (e.g. from the starter battery) for a (cut-off) relay or a charging converter. Other possible applications include the control of additional consumers that should only be activated when the battery is sufficiently charged, e.g. switching on an air conditioner while driving or switching a refrigerator, cold or heat box to 12 V on-board operation.

In newer vehicles (Euro 6), a voltage-controlled simulation of the D+ signal is often no longer possible due to the energy-optimised alternator controls. This is where the new VOTRONIC D+ Simulator PROcomes in.

It works independently of the charging operation of the dynamo, as it generates the signal by detecting the vibrations of the running engine. This makes it suitable for all vehicle types of all model years. In order to bridge start-stop phases (e.g. at traffic lights) or during stop-and-go (e.g. in traffic jams), the new D+ Simulator Pro has an adjustable switch-off delay. In addition, a built-in charging voltage monitor prevents unwanted activation in the event of external vibrations, e.g. during ferry rides.

Intelligent voltage evaluation of the switching thresholds prevents faulty activation in the event of voltage dips or peaks. The dynamic threshold detection also avoids oscillation around the switching points when switching very large loads. The switching status is indicated by a light-emitting diode. The connection is made in the rear terminal compartment by a plug-in screw terminal. The switching output can be loaded with 12V / 0.5A, is short-circuit and overload proof and is of the PNP type, positive output, load on the ground side.

Note:The device is not suitable for many vehicles according to Euro standard 6 and 6+!

Battery voltage: 12 V

Switching output: 12 V / max. 1.0 A

Switching thresholds on / off: 13.7 V / 13.0 V

Internal consumption [mA]: <1 / <7

Dimensions (W x H x D): 70 x 17 x 36 mm (incl. mounting flanges, without connections)

Weight: 30 g

Mark of conformity: CE, E-testing (EMV/vehicle directive)

Scope of delivery: Operating instructions