Antarion inverter, inverter 600 W
Antarion inverter, inverter 600 W
Antarion inverter, inverter 600 W
Antarion inverter, inverter 600 W

Antarion inverter, inverter 600 W

Article no.: 115845A
Manufacturer: ANTARION

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The Antarion 12 Volt 600 Watt Inverter, Voltage Converter converts power from the supply battery in the camper or motorhome to household 230 volts.

- Pure Sine Wave Inverter, Voltage Converter

- Output Power 600 W

- Comes with a 5 m Remote Control

- Max. Rated power (1min) 690 W

- Peak power (1 s) 1200 W

- Power consumption at idle <0.2 A

- USB connector 5 V- 1 A

- Supplied connectors 10mm²

The current in a house is an alternating current (AC) with a sinusoidal shape. The current of the batteries of motor homes, boats and cars is a linear direct current.

A inverter, also called an inverter or voltage converter, converts the direct current into alternating current and changes the voltage.

There are two types of inverters:

- Near sine wave converter: The curve approaches the perfect sine wave of the house, but with deviations. These economical converters do not support power spikes for a few seconds and cannot be used regularly for sensitive devices (computers, tablets, etc.).

- Pure Sine Waver: The current waveform exactly replicates the house current waveform. Your sensitive devices (computers, tablets, etc) will be charged and protected much better. These converters are also specifically designed for devices with high starting power (computers, air conditioners, coffee makers, etc.). If this peak power is underestimated, it can cause damage to some devices, such as computers.

From your 12V DC installation of your RV, boat, car or directly from a dedicated 12V DC battery. The inverter efficiently and reliably charges a very large number of different devices, such as TVs, computers, phones, and has a monitoring circuit to protect the converter and the battery from overcharging.

Length 290 mm

Width 175 mm

Height 75 mm

Weight 2 kg

Output power 600 W

Peak power (1s) 1200 W

Consumption at idle 0.2 A