Refillable gas bottles

Refillable gas bottles

What are refillable gas bottles? 

Gas refillable gas bottles have a special, advanced safety valve with an 80% fill stop function that prevents overfilling the gas bottle. The gas tank bottle must therefore no longer be replaced as conventional 5kg & 11kg gas cylinders, but can be refueled or refilled at any time - it is refillable.

For this reason, it offers its user more flexibility and freedom especially as a camping gas cylinder, for barbecuing or as a CamperGas refillable gas cylinder for fixed installation in the motor home or camper. 

Gas refillable gas bottles in the camper are mounted in the gas locker with a sturdy gas cylinder stand on the back wall of the gas locker. To enable refueling with gas, an additional CamperGas LPG filling valve for motorhomes is mounted on the outside of the body. Via the CamperGas filling point, the refillable gas bottles can be refueled at any car gas station. 

Alugas refillable gas cylinder

Among the best known refillable gas cylinders is the aluminum gas cylinder of the company Alugas. The Alugas Travel Mate refillable gas cylinder is characterized by a high-quality finish and is one of the lightest LPG gas cylinders on the market. Especially for fixed installation in the camper gas locker, the aluminum gas bottle offers the advantage of the removable bottle collar for a more convenient and space-saving installation. The safety valve of the Alugas refillable gas bottle has a mechanical gas level indicator to read the gas level directly on the gas bottle. The mechanical indicator not particularly precise and should be considered as an indicator whether the gas bottle is full, half empty or empty. 

The Alugas refillable gas bottle is CE certified and is subject to a 10-year gas tank test by TÜV. 

CAMPKO composite refillable gas bottle

The CAMPKO composite refillable gas bottle is available with OPD and multivalve. Both valves have an 80% fill stop function. The multivalve variant also has a mechanical gas level indicator and two separate connections for gas refueling and gas withdrawal. The composite refillable gas bottle is the lightest gas bottle by weight, but does not offer a removable bottle collar. It is often used for recreational or CamperGas area as a portable bottle.

CAMPKO steel refillable gas bottle

The steel gas bottle is a real heavyweight with its high safety standard. The weight of CAMPKO steel refillable gas cylinder is higher on the one hand, compared to aluminum gas or composite refillable gas cylinder, but on the other hand, it is the only one that meets the high ECE 67R-01 standard from the automotive field. Gas tank bottles and camper gas tanks with ECE 67R-01 homologation are not subject to a 10-year inspection period by the TÜV and meet the highest safety standard. 

The bottle collar is removable, but in most cases the open design of the bottle collar provides enough space for mounting a propane regulator or Drehmeister gas bottle filter even when mounted. The CAMPKO refillable gas bottle also has a mechanical gas level indicator on the valve and due to its material is compatible with all external gas level indicators from Rotarex, Mopeka, Gaslevel and GOK. 


If the weight of the refillable gas cylinders is not a decisive criterion, then the steel version is the best solution. It is economically superior in price to the composite and aluminum gas, offers the user a higher safety standard and does not have a 10-year inspection period. 

How much gas is in my refillable gas bottle?

The gas level of their gas bottle can be measured with external gas level indicators. Possible solutions include the Rotarex Wave Box, Mopeka gas level indicators, Gaslevel's Classic Series and GOK's Senso4s level indicator. 

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