Manoeuvring aids & movers for caravans

The Truma Movers support and simplify the parking and unparking of caravans.

They move the caravan independently of the towing vehicle and enable smooth starting and precise stopping. Manoeuvring is flawless even on uneven terrain and slopes of up to 25 percent.

When choosing a mover, the weight of the caravan is decisive. Single-axle caravans up to 2300 kilograms and tandem-axle caravans up to 3100 kilograms can be easily manoeuvred by remote control. The drive is controlled manually by means ofa rotary knob or slider on the handy remote control.

The mover is mounted on the vehicle frame in the immediate vicinity of the wheels and also has an integrated stop function.

The mover comes with a general operating permit, so there is no need to present it to the TÜV.

Which manoeuvring aid do I need for my caravan?

The manoeuvring aids do not differ in function, but depend on the weight of the caravan and how many axles the caravan has.

How does a manoeuvring aid work?

The manoeuvring aids can be easily controlled with the remote control. Simply move the rotary knob or the slider in the desired direction and the caravan manoeuvres itself to the desired parking space. It is also possible to turn the caravan 180 degrees in one place without any problems.

How is the manoeuvring aid installed?

It is advisable to have the installation carried out by a workshop, as the installation of the mover must be very precise so that it can be used properly and efficiently. The manoeuvring aid is attached in the immediate vicinity of the tyres. The installation is carried out in front of the vehicle axle so that the mover is protected from splash water from the tyres. However, the manoeuvring aid can be fitted in front of the axle as well as behind the axle. The mover is mounted on the chassis with the help of screws.

What to do if the Mover does not respond?

First, the batteries of the remote control should be checked and replaced if necessary. Then the plug or adapter of the caravan should be properly plugged into the safety socket. Possibly the battery of the caravan, which supplies the control of the mover, could not be sufficiently charged. Otherwise, the fuse in the battery connection cable could be defective; a short circuit could have occurred here. Otherwise, as a last step, please apply the handbrake and restart both the remote control and the Mover. The mover can be restarted by disconnecting the battery or disconnecting and reconnecting the safety plug.

What to do if the remote control flashes?

If a signal tone sounds and the red warning triangle symbol flashes, then the remote control has no connection to the control unit. Replace the battery or insert a suitable battery in the remote control (12 volts).

What do I have to pay attention to with the Mover?

If the mover is not used for a longer period of time (24 hours or more), the circuit should be interrupted by removing the battery from the remote control. The distance between the remote control and the control unit should be at least 40 cm. Only leak-proof and heat-resistant micro batteries should be used for the remote control.

When should the Mover be serviced?

It is recommended that the Mover is cleaned once a year before it is left standing for a long period of time. To do this, spray the Mover with water and remove any stones or branches that have become trapped. As soon as the Mover is dry again, all moving parts can be sprayed with a silicone spray. Please do not spray the tyres or rollers. For the control

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