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Truma iNet System

With the Truma iNet System, all iNet-compatible devices can be connected and controlled via an app. For example, air conditioners or heaters in the caravan can be switched on and off via SMS or Bluetooth. This requires the Truma iNet Box, which is the central control unit for your Truma devices. You can also check the fill level of the gas tank bottle at any time using the LevelControl via the app. If the supply runs low, a notification is automatically displayed via the app.

To use this system, you only need the Truma iNet Box with the help of the App or the Truma iNet Set, which contains the iNet Box and the Truma CP plus iNet ready control panel.

Can I also use the Truma iNet System in Switzerland?

In Switzerland, the 2G communication standard has been switched off. Therefore, the Truma iNet System can only be controlled via Bluetooth and not via SMS. The SMS function will work again as soon as the vehicle is no longer in Switzerland.

What should I do if the Truma devices can no longer be controlled via the app?

It may be necessary to carry out a mandatory update. To do this, the end device must be connected to the Internet and to the iNet Box via Bluetooth.

How many devices can I connect to the Truma iNet Box at the same time?

Up to four mobile devices can connect to the Truma iNet Box at the same time.

Which cables can I use with the Truma iNet Box?

Please use the Truma TIN cables for the iNet Box, as these are equipped with six cores. The telephone cables usually only have four cores.

Which SIM card can I use for the Truma iNet Box?

You can use a mini-SIM for the iNet Box. A SIM card adapter is not recommended, as electronic contact problems may occur.

Do I have to buy an antenna for the Truma iNet Box?

A powerful antenna is provided here in the Truma iNet Box. Therefore, no additional antenna is required. If an external antenna is connected, reception may deteriorate.

How much power does the Truma iNet Box consume?

On average, the Truma iNet Box consumes 40 mA in operation and 20 mA in standby mode.