Door security

By their very nature, burglars and thieves seek out objects that they can open as quickly, easily and silently as possible. That's why motorhomes and caravans seem like an attractive target at first glance. The vehicles are secured at the factory, especially on the rear and side doors, only with easy-to-pick door locks. Therefore, it is recommended to install a subsequent and additional door security on the caravan.

Abhilfe create retrofitting door locks and security handles of bspw. Thule, Fiamma or Heosafe.

What types of door security for motorhomes there are?

In essence, a distinction is made between two different security systems for caravans, motorhomes and campers.

  • Security locks that replace the factory-installed door lock against a higher-quality.
  • Security bars that are mounted in addition to the already installed door lock and thus supportive.

Security bars can be adjusted continuously and can thus be individually adapted to the dimensions of the cab. The safety bar for motorhomes is rammed from the inside between the driver and passenger door.

Safety handles and entry aids from Thule or Fiamma fulfill two functions at once. First, the handle can be folded over the door and locked. Thus, the body door is doubly secured via the door lock as well as additionally via the entry aid. When folded out, the safety handle serves as an additional entry aid into the body of the motor home. The assembly of safety handles of the brands Fiamma and Thule takes place at the superstructure wall of the motorhome.

Fiamma Safe Door and Thule Door Lock are considered massive door bolts, which are attached to the exterior superstructure door and serve as burglary protection in addition to the factory door lock. For sliding door systems as they occur in panel vans or camper vans, there are special security locks such as the Thule Van Lock or the HEOSafe Van Security.

The various security systems can be combined and can thus increase the burglary protection in the camper. In addition to the actual increased security by retrofitting a camper door security, their visibility alone can deter potential burglars. So potential burglars are mainly concerned with little effort, noiselessly and as quickly as possible to get into the vehicle interior.

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