Drive-on wedges, levelling wedges or step wedges make it possible to align the motorhome, caravan or camper horizontally. This gives the camper a higher level of sleeping and, above all, living comfort during the camping holiday.

The step wedges from Froli, Fiamma Level Up Premium or Thule are usually offered in sets of 2.

The correct use of the caravan wedges.

The ramp wedges are first placed in front of or behind the lowered wheels of the camper. Then drive onto the levelling wedges until the motorhome is standing straight. Camper vans can be pulled onto the support wedge by car or positioned manually using a manoeuvring aid. To make sure that the camper is really straight, we recommend that you check this using a spirit level/app. While this is positioned on the ground with the door open, a second person gives a command to the driver of the vehicle until the optimal/straight position is reached.

How do I find the right ramp wedges for my motorhome?

To find the right ramp wedges such as the Fiamma Level Up for your motorhome, it is important to first check the weight class of your vehicle. Compare this weight with the maximum registration weight per axle per levelling wedge. If this is exceeded, cracks or chipping can occur which can lead to complete breakage of the leveling wedge in the short or long term. In addition to checking the weight, it is essential to check the width of the tyres. The tyres must never be wider than the ramp wedge. Otherwise the motorhome tyres will overhang on the right and left, which can lead to damage.

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