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Motorhomes and Camper are ex works usually spartan equipped. Only through the subsequent expansion on the camping vehicle can often achieve a maximum of safety and comfort.

At HybridSupply you will find a selection of high quality Camping vehicle accessories products. By constantly adding to and reviewing our range, we always offer motorhome workshops a suitable solution.

Drive-on wedges of the brands Fiamma, Thule or Froli allow you to align the caravan in a straight position. Thus, you can fully utilize the capacity of your coffee cup in the morning and lie straight in the camping bed at night. When choosing the right ramp wedge, the tire width of the caravan on the one hand and the total weight on the other hand must be considered.

Gaswarner for caravans can be real lifesavers and achieve great security with a small investment. The caravans gas detectors are connected to the 12 volt on-board power supply. In the event of a gas leak in the camper, the gas detector emits a visual and acoustic signal.

Door fuses for caravans create additional security against break-ins. In addition, depending on the model, security systems for mobile homes also act as a practical entry aid. Door locks for motorhomes can either be installed in addition to the existing door lock or replace the originally installed door lock.