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Awnings - More than just sun protection for campers

Even though almost every camper wishes for good weather and bright sunshine, they are at least as grateful for a shady spot. In addition to UV protection, motorhome, camper and caravan awnings from Fiamma, Thule or Dometic also offer shelter in unexpected rain showers.
Optionally available side and front walls serve as wind and weather protection, just advanced hour and especially for winter camping.

Roof awning or wall awning on a motorhome, camper or caravan?

Awnings can be mounted on the caravan in two ways. Wall mounting and roof mounting. When installing on the side wall, the awning is fixed approx. 30 cm above the vehicle entrance door. This means that there are no problems when opening. For smaller vehicles with less space and especially for campers, it is better to mount the awning on the roof. Roof awnings are available, for example, from Fiamma F40 or Thule Omnistor 6300. Depending on the type of awning, special brackets and adapters are required. These are included in the delivery and make the universal awning an individual solution for the respective recreational vehicle.

Bag awnings for recreational vehicles

This type of awning for recreational vehicles is used almost exclusively for caravans. The bag awning is pulled into the end of the caravan's piping. After professional installation, the Fimma Caravanstore or Thule 1200 bag awning may remain on the caravan during the journey. The awning fabric, supports and tensioning arms are stowed inside the vehicle.

Cassette awning for caravans, motorhomes and caravans

The Fiamma F80S, F40, F35 pro or Dometic PerfectRoof cassette awnings are permanently installed on the motorhome, caravan or camper. They can be mounted either on the vehicle roof or on the vehicle wall. The awnings are designed similarly to patio awnings. Depending on the motorhome, the awnings differ in length, but the length of the awning should not exceed that of the vehicle. The camper is free to choose the colour of the housing or fabric. If the installation is not carried out by a specialist company, the installation points specified in the vehicle manufacturer's manual must always be taken into account.

What are the advantages of cassette awnings?

The installation of cassette awnings saves space compared to mobile awnings which are stowed inside the vehicle. Fixed awnings can be quickly retracted and extended by means of a crank or motor. With optionally extendable front and side walls such as the Fiamma Privacy Room or Dometic CampRoom, the awning can be extended to create an inviting awning. Articulated arms allow the fabric to be flexibly stretched.