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Whether roof hatch, skylight, roof hood or even roof light meant is always the same for campers. With a roof vent, campers provide themselves with additional comfort in the form of fresh air and daylight.
Roof vents can be retrofitted or replaced in the caravan or motor home relatively easily. The important thing is to choose the right size. Detailed technical data of the respective roof hatches can be found in the article description. In our download area you will find operating and installation instructions for skylights and roof hatches.

For a safe and stable installation, a special and retrievable adhesive sealant from Sika or Dekalin must be used. For retrofitting an additional fan, a 12V connection from the vehicle battery is required.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a skylight in a motorhome, caravan or camper?

Is it worth the effort and cost to replace or retrofit a skylight?

What does a skylight and the installation cost at all?

Questions about questions that every camper asks himself with the time once. In essence, three simple main reasons speak for the installation of a

Skylight - light, odors, heat.

To prevent unwanted odors from the camping toilet or kitchen from accumulating in the camper, skylights provide fresh air and ensure a pleasant climate.

Skylights bring natural daylight into the vehicle interior and create a friendly atmosphere inside the camper.

Especially when touring in warm regions or in summer, the camper can heat up quite a bit during the day. A skylight increases air circulation at cool times of day and allows built-up heat in the camper to escape quickly.

What types of skylights are available?
Roof hatches for retrofitting in recreational vehicles come in a wide variety of shapes, functions and price ranges. Below you will find an overview of roof hatches for campers and motorhomes, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

Roof hatches to twist on:
Twist-on roof hatches are the cheapest and oldest option for providing light and air in a motorhome. The crankshaft of the roof hatch allows a stepless and variable opening. For the maximum opening you need longer than with roof windows with tilting mechanism.

Tilting roof hatches:
One or two levers allow the skylight to open quickly. However, the disadvantage is that the degree of opening can be regulated only in predetermined steps.

Roof windows with darkening / roller blind:
Skylights bring the desired light into the interior. Which is also desired during the day. However, lanterns or the moon can cause campers sleepless nights. Therefore, it makes sense to install a roof hatch with integrated or retrofit blackout blind.

Roof hatch with fan:
Fans enhance the desired ventilation effect in the camper. Camper fans can be operated in both directions, so in addition to ventilation, kitchen odors can also be directed to the outside.

Roof hoods with fly screen/ mosquito net:
Mosquito netting is a must-have for any camper to keep out uninvited guests in the form of mosquitoes, flies or other insects. Mosquito nets are pre-installed in almost all skylights or are available as accessories.

Forced ventilation skylight:
Forced ventilation is the term used to describe the exchange of indoor air even when the skylight is closed. Thus, a certain amount of fresh air always flows into the camper. Even when the skylight is closed, a small amount of air exchange takes place. Forced ventilation reduces the amount of carbon dioxide and at the same time reduces fogging of the windows. In addition, it prevents mold growth and bad odors that occur during winter storage.

Which skylight for my caravan, camper, caravan?

Many campers wonder which skylight is right for their motorhome. Fiamma Vent, the Maxxfan from Maxxair, Dometic Heki or an Omnivent from Thule?

In addition to choosing the right size for the vehicle, the right choice of color for the roof cowl is important from an aesthetic point of view. Furthermore, you have to decide whether you prefer a model with crank or tilt opening and whether an additional fan, with or without thermostat is significant. In any case, a mosquito net is useful and already integrated in almost all popular models.

In any case, pay attention to the information on the maximum permissible speeds when using a roof hatch in a caravan or motor home. Roof hatches were originally designed for speeds of 80 - 100 km/h. However, modern motorhomes can exceed these speeds.

Fiamma Vent - The classics with or without fan
The roof vents of the traditional Italian manufacturer Fiamma are available in the formats 28x28 cm, 40x40 cm and 50x50 cm. Fiamma Vent skylights are considered among campers as established and technically proven, with a good price-performance ratio.
Fiamma Turbo Vent and Turbo Vent PREMIUM models are equipped with an integrated ten-blade fan. The POLAR-CONTROL system from Fiamma regulates the automatic switching on and off of the fan based on the internal temperature in the motorhome. In addition to the infinitely variable speed of the caravan fan, the direction of rotation can be easily reversed. So you can decide whether you want fresh air from the outside in, or kitchen odors to the outside.
The Fiamma Vent 28 F roof hood is ideal for confined spaces. The unobtrusive design of the roof hatch adapts to any ambience. Due to the aerodynamic design, the additional installation of a spoiler on the caravan is not mandatory. The standard equipment includes a robust mosquito net made of aluminum. With the Fiamma Kit Turbo Vent 28 F is a retrofit kit available to motorize the roof hood.
All Fiamma skylights are available in white or crystal.
For motorhomes, Fiamma recommends the use of a front spoiler. This reduces the wind forces acting on the roof hood while driving and ensures a smoother journey. The spoilers are made of strong ABS and are UV resistant.
All Fiamma skylights are certified and approved according to ABE standards, made of high quality material, impact resistant and UV resistant.

MaxxFan Deluxe rooflights - ventilate even while driving and in the rain
The MaxxFan Deluxe roof hatches can be used for ventilation with the outer hood open. With the skylight closed, the MaxxFan Deluxe acts as a roof fan only. The patented, impact-resistant and UV-resistant roof hood protects against rain when the skylight is open and does so while driving.
The MaxxFan thus offers campers a cost-effective alternative to roof air conditioners in caravans or motorhomes. With the "MaxxFan Deluxe clear", no daylight is lost thanks to the transparent hood.
The electronic thermostat makes it possible to select the temperature desired in the camper.
The MaxxFan Deluxe is a technically high-quality roof hood with integrated fan and mosquito net. The 12 V ball bearing motor can be operated manually as if by remote control. Two opening levers allow the skylight in the caravan to be opened manually even in the event of a power failure, for example.