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Refillable gas bottles - New regulation

 Camper Supplies News  2024/05/24 09:00 am  417 Views 

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Refillable gas bottles - New regulation

A new regulation for the installation of Alugas TRAVELMate refillable gas bottles is on the horizon. Proposed amendments are currently being discussed in the specialised committees. As of today, there are only tendencies and not yet any binding, legally binding changes.

New regulation - The following is emerging:

In future, refillable gas bottles in motorhomes must be easily removable without tools and the LPG filling point must always be fitted in future, on the outside of the body (no longer in the gas locker).
In addition, a quick-release coupling must be fitted between the refillable gas cylinder and the filling line so that the filling line can be disconnected to remove the cylinder.
The quick coupling must also be equipped with a non-return valve to prevent refuelling from outside and uncontrolled gas filling of the gas locker when the refillable gas cylinder is removed.
A possible quick coupling solution is currently under development. As soon as the binding requirements that the coupling must fulfil have been established, work on implementation and market launch will begin at full speed.
Based on current knowledge, it can be assumed that all existing systems will be grandfathered.

Recommended actions for the transition period

Option 1 - Installation in accordance with existing Alugas operating instructions:

For the specialised company, installation in accordance with the existing Alugas operating instructions provides a basis for installation in accordance with the valid manufacturer's specifications and thus for achieving CE conformity.

Option 2 - Easily removable with future retrofitting:

To take account of emerging changes to current systems, the LPG filling valve can be fitted directly to the refillable gas cylinder using an adapter. In addition, the gas cylinder stand must be fitted with star knob screws instead of hexagon socket screws (see installation instructions for option 2). You can find the star knob screw retrofit kit for converting your gas cylinder holder or wall bracket here.
Should the forthcoming changes actually prove to be binding, the retrofitting of the quick coupling including filling hose can then be carried out in a legally compliant manner as part of a follow-up transaction. There are already technical test centres that pay attention to an easily removable solution. A "direct refuelling adapter" is not recommended, as an additional LPG filling point creates redundancy in the system (additional non-return valve).

Below is a link to our media database: click here.
In the folder "Alugas -> installation manuals" you will find installation instructions for the TRAVELMate that have already been created, which include both option 1 and option 2.

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