Votronic Battery Protector, battery monitor 100 A
Votronic Battery Protector, battery monitor 100 A

Votronic Battery Protector, battery monitor 100 A

Article no.: 108760A
Manufacturer: Votronic

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Undervoltage protection for on-board and starting battery

The VOTRONIC Battery Protector 40 and Battery Protector 100 are connected between the supply battery and the consumer and are suitable for all lead-acid battery types (acid, gel, AGM) and makes. They protect the battery against dangerous deep discharge as well as the consumers and equipment against undervoltage and overvoltage and, controlled by an external switch, can also serve as a remote-controlled battery master switch.

  • High switching current 100 A, can be overloaded up to 150 A for a short time (approx. 10 sec.); can be switched to 12V / 24V on-board network
  • Intelligent automatic switching threshold calculates the correct "empty" switch-off point for safe protection of the battery with optimum capacity utilisation, both for heavy consumers (low switching threshold with shorter response time) and for very small loads (e.g. "secret" power consumers with response times over days/months with high response threshold)
  • Optional operation also adjustable with 3 fixed switch-off thresholds (manual)
  • the higher setting values maintain the starting capability of emergency vehicles with only one battery circuit
    (according to DIN EN 1789)
  • Pre-alarm with visual (LED) and acoustic (beeper, can be switched off) display as well as separate warning switching output (PNP, positive output 0.2 A) enables timely countermeasures by the user
    (e.g. switch off unnecessary consumers)
  • Solid battery screw terminals for cable lugs M6 including cover for battery terminals

Operating Voltage: 12 V & 24 V

Switching current Cont./Short-time: 100 / 180 A

Switching threshold undervoltage: 10, 6 / 11,5 /11,8/ 9,5 - 12,2 V

Reset point undervoltage: 12,5 / 12,5 / 12,8 V

Overvoltage OFF/ON: 15,5 / 15,0 V

Weight: 180 g

Temperature range: -20 / +50°C

Dimensions (W x H x D): 105 x 36 x 71 mm (incl. mounting flanges, without connections)

Mark of Conformity: CE, E Test (EMV/Automotive Regulations)

Delivery scope: Operating Manual